Monday, April 13, 2009

Nothing says I Love You like a hairy chest...

Using the template I used for the Mini-CD game console emulators, I made a Hair Metal Jean Jacket Mix CD. Inspired by my Hair Metal Drummer Mix CD.

I used many images from the internet and put them together like a collage using photoshop layers. The starting point was of course a hairy chest, I was going to use Paul Stanley's hairy chest, the famous singer of KISS. Quite Possibly the greatest hairy chest ever. But ended up using some random dude's chest from the web.

I also searched for images of patches, pins, buttons and jean jackets. Including this awesome back patch of Guns N' Roses. Which is the back of the Mini-CD's Jacket/Wrap.

I added the effects such as shadows and stretched out the images to make it look like the patches and pins and buttons were really on the jacket.

As a finishing touch for the CD case's label I made a hairy chest with the words Hair Metal shaved into it. If anyone can guess whose chest this belongs to you'll get 1,000 aqua net* points.

I have other genres of music planned for this idea, such as a Punk Leather Jacket, Hardcore Hoodie, Emo Sweater and Death Metal Jacket. Hopefully I'll get those done soon.

*10,000 Aqua Net points gets you one can of Aqua Net.

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