Friday, March 27, 2009

Hair Metal Drummer Mix CD

After the Super Mario coffee table was finished, I had a lot of these empty containers...

I really believe that almost everything can be recycled or reused in one way or another. You just have to see the potential in things that would otherwise be thrown into a landfill. With that I decided to challenge myself and to see what could be made with these empty containers.
The result was a Hair Metal drum kit with two mix CDs.

I gave this to my girlfriend as a gift, because who doesn't love mix CDs? Although in this day and age it is a dying form, I still like putting together mix CDs.

First, I got into a really sleazy mindset, to think
like a hair metal drummer. Naturally a hair metal drummer would have woman's breasts on the bass drum. The drum set would have stickers of sponsors and their favorite rags such as Hit Parader and Metal Edge along with a Misfits sticker for street cred. The bass, toms, floor, snare and cymbals were made from the empty push pin containers.

Every hair metal drummer needs a can of Aqua Net. I firmly believe that the life of the hair metal drummer depends on it --like you and I depend on water.

When you pop the lid off the bass drums, you find the mix CDs -- which were burned on mini-discs. Hours of hair metal exists on these mini-CDs. And I printed CD labels with shots of some dudes' crotch.

As a bonus I added a fake hair metal drummer name and autograph to the breasts of the bass drums. The drummer's name is GZ Ivan and the autograph says "love ya!" with arrows pointing to the breasts. Classy indeed.

To epitomize male chauvinism, I added a shot of a woman's crotch to the snare drum; because what else does a hair metal drummer do but bang the skins.

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