Friday, March 20, 2009

The Sega Genesis Explosion

The Genesis brought with it what the master system was missing, a slick design from the future. A future with terminators and Mcfly's. It also brought with it totally kick ass games.
Once again I tried replicating the details of the design to the best of my abilities. The hardest parts being the sides since they are about 1/4 inch thin, not much room to work with.

16 Bits of Awesome were inside this baby.

I took this picture with a CD case and an Ipod for scale. Mini-cdr's are like a cute baby dinosaur in terms of technology but who cares.

Inside one can possibly put loads of games and a emulator and run it on one of many systems. But of course that could be illegal in some parts of the world.
Just to clarifly something, these are printed on card stock, cut, folded and pasted together.

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