Friday, March 27, 2009

Hair Metal Drummer Mix CD

After the Super Mario coffee table was finished, I had a lot of these empty containers...

I really believe that almost everything can be recycled or reused in one way or another. You just have to see the potential in things that would otherwise be thrown into a landfill. With that I decided to challenge myself and to see what could be made with these empty containers.
The result was a Hair Metal drum kit with two mix CDs.

I gave this to my girlfriend as a gift, because who doesn't love mix CDs? Although in this day and age it is a dying form, I still like putting together mix CDs.

First, I got into a really sleazy mindset, to think
like a hair metal drummer. Naturally a hair metal drummer would have woman's breasts on the bass drum. The drum set would have stickers of sponsors and their favorite rags such as Hit Parader and Metal Edge along with a Misfits sticker for street cred. The bass, toms, floor, snare and cymbals were made from the empty push pin containers.

Every hair metal drummer needs a can of Aqua Net. I firmly believe that the life of the hair metal drummer depends on it --like you and I depend on water.

When you pop the lid off the bass drums, you find the mix CDs -- which were burned on mini-discs. Hours of hair metal exists on these mini-CDs. And I printed CD labels with shots of some dudes' crotch.

As a bonus I added a fake hair metal drummer name and autograph to the breasts of the bass drums. The drummer's name is GZ Ivan and the autograph says "love ya!" with arrows pointing to the breasts. Classy indeed.

To epitomize male chauvinism, I added a shot of a woman's crotch to the snare drum; because what else does a hair metal drummer do but bang the skins.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Super Mario Coffee Table

One would think that this is a video game tribute site. But who doesn't love Mario Bros. they had the sexiest mustaches in the history of time. I think that's why Snake in Metal Gear got himself a mustache, to be part of the cool kids club.

I found a table on the sidewalk, took it home and inspiration took shape in the form of Super Mario Bros 3. The first thing to do was to take the video game cover and turn it into a mosaic in photoshop for reference. The image was done in the size of the table top.

The next step was to get supplies, cork board, push pins, paint and vinyl plumbing pipes. This ended up costing a lot more money than I planned for, because I kept running out of push pins.

I cut the cork board to fit the inside of the table and began putting the push pins down following the pattern of the file i created in photoshop. My girlfriend helped me with the push pins because it became really painful after a while. The next step was putting the pipes on the legs of the table. This required some trimming and sanding of the width of the legs in order for the pipes to fit.

The next step was to paint the table including the pipes. The legs were painted dark green to look like the stalks and the corners were painted to look like the pyranha plants

The last steps were glueing down the cork board to the table and placing a piece of Plexiglass over the push pins. I was very satisfied with how it turned out even though I had even more ambitious plans for it.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One man's trash is another man's

I found a scrabble board game on the sidewalk and decided to take it home to see if anything can be done with it. This is what I made with it.

A Scrabble end table. My Girlfriend actually suggested this idea to me.

Once the idea was in place, I just needed some supplies. I went to the hardware store to get lumber studs, a small piece of plywood and paint. The Plexiglass I already had, another sidewalk find.

This was once one of those fancy scrabble boards that come with edges for the tiles to stay in place. It ended being perfect for the the plexiglass to fit flush on the inside edge of the gameboard. under the board there is a few layers of foam core to prevent it from sinking.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


One of the greatest things ever invented. Portable gaming, for those who need to get their game on while on the crapper.

This was by far my favorite to do from this project because of all the unique elements of the gameboy.

I cut the screen portion of it out and made the cd label inside the game screen of Tetris. It came out perfect, in my opinion.

All the details of the console remain. This was definately the most satisfying console to replicate.

Unlike the previous consoles I made the cd label the game of tetris playing on the screen instead of a game cart.

The back of the wrap came out great because I got to put the loaded cart as part of the design. I also included all the details such as Nintendo's 800 number for repairs in case I ever need it.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super Nintendo

While The Genesis was riding high along came the Super NES to crush it's hopes and dreams.
It was like Superman to Lex Luther.

SNES also brought with it a simple design for the console. By the time I made this one I was getting the hang of replicating the designs, so this was relatively easy compared to the Atari 2600 and the Genesis.

Once Again I crammed as much detail as possible into the sides. the Control plug holes, power light, etc.

By this time the carts were getting smaller while holding more information. Now one can fit about 750 games in a mini-dvdr.

They even started simplifying the bottoms of consoles by this time as well, it didn't even have a grill to dissipitate the heat.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Sega Genesis Explosion

The Genesis brought with it what the master system was missing, a slick design from the future. A future with terminators and Mcfly's. It also brought with it totally kick ass games.
Once again I tried replicating the details of the design to the best of my abilities. The hardest parts being the sides since they are about 1/4 inch thin, not much room to work with.

16 Bits of Awesome were inside this baby.

I took this picture with a CD case and an Ipod for scale. Mini-cdr's are like a cute baby dinosaur in terms of technology but who cares.

Inside one can possibly put loads of games and a emulator and run it on one of many systems. But of course that could be illegal in some parts of the world.
Just to clarifly something, these are printed on card stock, cut, folded and pasted together.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Sega Master System - that really smart ugly kid in class

The answer to the NES was Sega's Master System. A really cool console that from my perspective could only be attained by wealthy jerks and spoiled brats. I'm still jealous to this day.

If anyone is wondering how I did these, well I took some pictures I found on the internet and painstakingly worked layers on top of the photo.

Once I got the template for the mini-cdr in place, it was only a matter of placing the photos and stretching to fit and working the layers on top of it.

I Like the simplicity of the carts, but i am guessing they saved money on not having to pay artists for extra art on there carts.

The bottom of the system is once again the back of the mini-cd wrap. Seems like a lot of work but I really enjoyed being so accurate with them.

Nintendo Entertainment System - The Cliff Notes Version

The Reagan era brought with it the ultimate weapon in mind control, The Nintendo Entertainment System or the NES. I actually did this mini-cdr console first but I am going in chronological order.

Such a simple design but it was definitely not easy to do especially since it was my first time trying out this project.

This was a lot of fun for me even though I do own a NES.

Pictured together for scale the real NES and the spawn I made in my lab.

The back of the cd-wrap opens up in the back to release the case inside.

The cd label inside is the design of the classic cartridge of Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt together. That damn dog from Duck Hunt is still laughing at me.

As I did with the other consoles the bottom of the console is the back of the cd-wrap.