Thursday, April 30, 2009

Protect Your Geek Valuables...

And save the earth at the same time.

These display cases are made from recycled dresser drawers that were on there way to garbage heaven. The only materials purchased to complete project were molding and plexiglass.

These are pretty easy to make. Take one drawer, remove the bottom of the drawer and use the bottom of the drawer as a template to cut a plexiglass piece of the same size. Place the plexiglass in the bottom of the drawer. For the front of the display case cut 2 pieces of corner molding the length of the drawer and cut another piece of plexiglass the size of the top of the drawer just like you would if you were making a cover for it. Place the plexiglass down and place the corner molding on top of it and glue it to the sides of the drawer. let it dry, once it is dry you should be able to slide the plexiglass out of the drawer. Remove both pieces of plexiglass and paint the case. Once dry replace everything again and it's done.

Living in New York, not a day goes by that I don't see dresser drawers on the sidewalk. what a absolute waste, but I guess that is great for people like me who like to remake things from discarded items. honestly the total cost of the 4 cases I made ended up costing me under $20.

These can be mounted on walls using L-brackets or can stand on their own since the face of the drawer are larger the other sides.

On a related note I made these from scratch. While I like these, at the time that I made them the cost was about $20 for 2 cases but I know the cost of materials have gone up so high now that making more will be cost prohibitive. Especially since I figured out a way to make nice looking, easy to make, inexpensive display cases.

The cost can even be lower if you scout your local hardware stores for scrap wood and molding and your local window stores for scrap plexiglass which they regularly throw away.

I plan on making more and maybe selling them online. Any takers?

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