Thursday, April 23, 2009

Skull Mailbox

This Mailbox skull was made using some scraps of 1/4 plywood and paint.
I used to work at Home Depot and they throw many things away. I took some scrap wood to make stuff with, this was one of those projects. This is were all my mail goes to die.

It's hanging on the wall next to the entrance door of my apartment. It hangs with a frame hook.

Like most of my projects this one started with junk I had laying around and using that as a limitation to what can be made with it. I think I work better with limitations, but it would be nice to have no limits as far as resources, tools and time. I think I could make better and cooler things if I did, stuff I can conquer the world with.

This was a fun little project that involved little thinking and is quite useful.

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