Tuesday, March 24, 2009

One man's trash is another man's

I found a scrabble board game on the sidewalk and decided to take it home to see if anything can be done with it. This is what I made with it.

A Scrabble end table. My Girlfriend actually suggested this idea to me.

Once the idea was in place, I just needed some supplies. I went to the hardware store to get lumber studs, a small piece of plywood and paint. The Plexiglass I already had, another sidewalk find.

This was once one of those fancy scrabble boards that come with edges for the tiles to stay in place. It ended being perfect for the the plexiglass to fit flush on the inside edge of the gameboard. under the board there is a few layers of foam core to prevent it from sinking.


  1. I love this table! LOVE it. Greatest birthday present.

  2. Oh, and thanks for the props :)

  3. This is super cool! I met you guys at the Etsy talk last night {in the elevator} and just wanted to say HI :) Do you ready ReadyMade magazine? I really think it's right up your alley. They have a McGyver challenge every month and you might want to join. Have a fun weekend!

  4. Thanks for visiting and the compliment! I used to subscribe to readymade but recently the mag is about 20% content 80% ads, I always wanted to do the McGyver challenge but never had the actual stuff around to complete the challenge. thanks again!